What’s Tomochain

TomoChain is a blockchain network that uses a delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism comprised of 150 masternodes. TomoChain aims to be a public EVM-compatible blockchain with the following advantages: low transaction fee, fast confirmation time, double validation, and randomization for security guarantees.


TomoChain PTE. Ltd. was started by Long Vuong, Le Ho, Son Nguyen, Tung Hoang in 2017 which is the parent company of TomoChain. The project, conducted its ICO ( initial coin offering) in March 2018 raising $8.5 million

TomoChain blockchain aims at developing a complete product-based ecosystem that will enable the development of high-performance blockchain projects. The alpha version of Tomoapp was launched in Q2 2017 and TomoChain started its blockchain development in Q4 of 2017 over Ethereum blockchain. Its testnet was released in Aug 2018 and the mainnet was ready by the end of 2018. At the time of mainnet launch, the ERC-20 token of TOMO was swapped 1:1 for TOMO which is the TomoChain blockchain-based native token.

The vision of TomoChain is to provide a solution to the scaling problem of Ethereum blockchain by using Proof-of-stake voting (PoSV) consensus. Its mission is to be a leading force in building the Internet of Value, and its infrastructure.

The First NFT Marketplace On Tomochain